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I'd go for a zoom as it offers more fexibility. If you go for a third party lens like Sigma make sure it's an HSM lens as these have the focus motor built into the lens. Sigmas is a very good lens but quite large and heavy it does have a very good Optical stabiliser also. In reply to Anonymous :.

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Thanks for the advice Andrew. The price is not a concern. In reply to JudiM :. Your is a DX camera. Should you decide to buy a D or D3 which are full frame cameras the lens would still work but the camera would automatically crop to a Dx sized portion of the full frame sensor - ie - you'd be wasting the fact you had a full frame sensor as only part of it would be used for image capture. Try a google search for the Dx as it's quite a newish lens. You may be able to find some reviews on it. Reach wise obviously it's just as good as the lens.

I can't give you any advice on specific Nikon lenses because I use Canon. However, I can point you to a review site which I regularly check. This is Camera Labs and they appear to have done a review for one of the lenses you are interested in. I'm sure there are other review sites if you do a Google search. There's also a comparison of the two lenses on the Photography Forum.

Don't know whether this will help or confuse. Good luck. My Flickr Photostream. In reply to TeeJay :.

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He likes them both, in short, but says go for the mm if you can afford it as it is that bit better all round. We have this lens and it is very good, and I don't find it especially heavy.

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We also have the mm Sigma and that - while a great lens, IS heavy, I have carried it around for a few miles and it is hard work. Thank you all so much for your help and advice. I did go for the Nikon 70 - and think I will manage it quite well. If it gets too heavy I will pop down to the gym and build myself up LOL I have only tried it very breifly but seems a cracking lense.

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Think I'm going to love this camera. I was hoping to get that camera too and am planning a trip to Jersey soon. Where did you get yours and how much did you pay, if you don't mind me asking? In reply to synoptic :. Good purchase as that gets a good write up.

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I'm a Nikon person but a D90 in my case which I have been using for about a year now and I'm really pleased with it. I think most points have been covered above but here's my experience of lenses purely for birding and wildlife stuff There are currently three lenses which i use for my birding and this is my personal views from working with them for some time now. We also offer a wide range of Huawei P20 Pro accessories. We also offer a wide range of Samsung Galaxy S9 accessories.

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