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Fab Freebie: Doggone To Sleep

Matt's Warehouse of Free Stuff. Mike's Free Stuff Now. More Goddies On The Web. Nicole's Net Freebies. Nordines Free Stuff Page. Pirate Pete's Free Stuff. Punkin's Two Freebie Website Connection. PZ's 4 Free The Asking. Rednecks Free Stuff Links. Rug's List of free Stuff. From there, he can see out of the living room window, see everyone in the living room and see any action in the kitchen. Parker my chihuahua sits on the back of the couch and looks out the window just like a cat!

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Our cat will sleep anywhere there is sun shining in our windows. She does indeed have some wierd sleeping positions though!

Lil Dicky - Freaky Friday ft. Chris Brown (PARODY ft. James Charles)

Our cat Seamus loves to sleep on his back with one paw over his eyes beyond adorable. Unfortunately he likes to be where the action is for his little cat naps, and he usually ends up on the kitchen floor somewhere in the path between the sink and the stove. Hopefully a nice comfy bed in the corner will get him out from underfoot. We have 2 darling shih tzus who have taken over the love seat in our living room. It is their favorite place to play, look out the window, and nap. I would LOVE to have one of these for my not-so-little pooch! But he would absolutely LOVE to have this in his room, for sure!!

He just has to be close to us and be able to see us wherever we are.

Sill dog! I need this bed … my new adopted dog Bella like to sleep under my dining room table. Doggone it. Our dog needs her own bed. She loves to sleep under our bed on her back with her tail end half hanging out.


Roxy likes to sleep smashed in behind my recliner. Maybe a nice bed will break her of that disturbing habit. Go figure. Quick, my Westie, sleeps in a variety of places. The first is in any spot of sunlight he can find. The sunlit steps are his favorite!

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Reilly, my extremely furry golden retriever, loves sleeping upside down just about anywhere, but her favorite spot is in a cool bathtub! My Sweet Potato Tater for short loves to sleep on her back in the sunshiney yard. She loves the warm sun on her pink belly. Our Bich-poo, Lola, loves to crawl under our bed, as far back as she can go and wedge herself behind all the stuff underneath there! Our pup, Jack, sleeps anywhere and everywhere. Then she places her very wrinkly head on top of them. He would love to relax on one of these beauties! I have a chihuahua who could be burgers stunt double and a dachshund.

I got them from a rescue after they have been abused.

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Now they are inseparable and love to nap together all day! We have 2 dogs and 1 cat, but the cat, Oliver, LOVES to sleep in an empty water bottle carton that held a 24 pack of water bottles. He started sleeping in it even before all the bottles were gone! Muffin loves to curl all 65 lbs of herself into the smallest ball possible and sleep on pillows … and anywhere except the floor.

And then the other pup loves sprawling out in the kennel. Your email address will not be published. The winner will be selected using random. Good luck! More posts from Young House Love. Stuff We Love JavaScript is currently disabled in this browser. Reactivate it to view this content.