Maplestory europe free hair coupon

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Help - Exotica Hair? Royal Hair Coupon: Untradeable. Bought in the Cash Shop and can only be.


Sign in with the following networks. Buy a hair coupon from the Cash Shop and take it to the hair salon in the town you picked or you can also do a quest to get a free hair coupon in Amoria. Other than the two hair coupons and two cosmetic coupons received from the login event, is there another way to get them.

Maplehood Free Hair/Face Coupon Run

Get Damage skins and Cygnus Knight items. Except I think for every new character there is a Beauty Salon tutorial quest where you can change your hairstyle.

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Usually, they will expire after 90 days. However, they will not expire once you have applied them as they are permanent. Hope that helps! Hi Ayumi, is there any guide on the face that makes special expression?

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Where can I get Matinee Idol hair for male in maplesea? Why is it? Hi, I got a question about a rare hairstyle I never see before, how can i submit the screen shot to you? I got the name from the simulator Banned Story if so where? They will mention it in their official site on what of each coupon would randomly reward.

Ah ok. I havent seen it in the royal coupons in the past several events.. Hi Rosey, there is no English name for the face accompanied with the Orchid hairstyle. The face ID is from MapleSimulator. Hi ayumi I have been looking everywhere for the name of the face that is on the female orchid hair avatar.

If you know it and where I can get it it would be much appreciated!

BasilMarket Free Hair and Face Coupon Quest thread

Btw… Thank you so much for posting this : you can email me! Where the hell do I find Spiked Top Hair. Oh, hey thanks for answering my question it really helps a lot. Hi night, it really depends on whether the hair style is provided by the coupon. Whenever there is a patch or update, GMS will also rotate random hairstyle for player to choose.

In private server, you can grab any hairstyle you wish without going through the hassle of burning each hairstyle coupon. Hi boxxybabe, I thought Maplefantasia has closed years ago, are they still open?

List of Towns To Get Hair Colors

Could you post Maplefantasia url here so I can check it out :. Hi boxxybabe, thanks for the comment! And by update I mean make it so that we can see the images for each hair too. In my opinion I think this is one of your most important pages, because style is a big part of Maple, whereas the class pages are specific to a certain portion of the population.

Thanks Fanta for the link! Purchase Royal Hair coupon from Nx Cash and visit the respective hair saloon npc to get that haircut.

Maplestory hair coupon quest

But before you purchase the coupon, check in the cash shop whether they have unlock that hair style for the current month. Double click to preview it. MapleStory Cash Shop usually updates those hair styles randomize hairstyles that are made available to obtain through randomization. Maybe it's different depending on where you are.

Lohd Level Bera Bishop. For Arty. But if you go to tot's quest "changing your face and hair" will give you a vip Hair Coupon. Which ones better..? In fact, every character in the same account is able to do the quest. But it will give you the same result every time.